The study of History

You might have read about the ancient Egyptians while studying history in school. Engineers are still baffled as to how those people, who, without the assistance of modern technology, built pyramids from stone not available in the region. Scientists, bewildered by the precision of these gigantic structures that are typical examples of precise engineering, still cannot understand how the ancient Egyptians managed to haul these huge slabs of stones to such great heights without any cranes or other modern equipment. However, one feels sad to know that the independent schools of United Kingdom, are fee paying private institutions, governed by an elected board, and are independent of quite a lot of the conditions and regulations, which apply to schools owned by the state. You will be shocked to know that the private school curriculum of many such institutions does not include history.

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When do people study about the Egyptians?

People typically study about Egyptians in junior school in which history is one of the subjects. Those who go to senior school and want to specialise in archaeology also study about the culture and traditions of the Egyptians. It provides them with a glimpse of how advanced these ancient people were and their vast knowledge of engineering. In fact, archaeologists have just touched the tip of the iceberg. Every year unravels some new findings about new tombs and the mysteries enshrined therein. They are equally astonished by the quality of the jewellery adorning the body of the deceased kings and queens as well as the techniques used embalm their bodies in such a way that they have remained the same as they were when they died.

Where do people study the Egyptian era?

People can study about Egyptian era by enlisting with one of the several institutions dedicated for archaeologists. One can find such institutions both in the United Kingdom as well as in other countries. However, those who want to opt for in depth studies would be better off by joining an institution in Egypt, as staying in that country also provides them with the opportunity to visit museums where they can find mummies, their jewellery, and other artefacts in local museums.

Why do people study history?

People study history to gain knowledge of ancient civilizations and their lifestyle and culture. This subject provides them with an opportunity to glimpse into the past and find how people survived during the olden days without any modern amenities we are accustomed to.

What are the benefits of studying history?

Can you imagine the joy leading a team of archaeologists to Egypt in an endeavour to find out details of a tomb that nobody else has discovered, manage to find it, excavate it, and be the first person in living memory to see it and announce it to the world? Advanced students of history, especially those that take archaeological as their speciality, learn about hieroglyphics and decoding them. Studying about previous eras is important as it provides one the opportunity to learn more about the culture and habits of people, who habited our planet thousands of years ago.